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IMPORTANT: The DVD version of LACE is intended ONLY for users who lack a computer with Internet access. Users with computers and Internet access should purchase access to LACE Online which includes twice the number of training sessions, the ability for your hearing professional to track your progress remotely and many more features not available in the LACE DVD.

Don’t have a computer? Use your DVD player and television instead. Simply use the Right, Left and Enter buttons on your DVD remote control to interact with LACE.

In just ten 30-minute training sessions, LACE DVD will:

  • Help you significantly improve your speech understanding in challenging situations such as noisy environments, rapid talkers and competing voices.
  • Improve your listening and communication skills by providing lots of helpful hints and communication strategies.
  • Exercise your brain, improve your cognitive skills, and increase your speed of processing and auditory memory to enable you to better follow a conversation.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use LACE DVD – every few months you can give your communication skills a “booster shot.” In addition, other members of your household can use your LACE DVD to improve their communication skills as well!